Up until my trip to Lisbon, Portugal I was set on the Aperol Spritz as being my drink of the summer but this all changed after my first sip of Port and Tonic. Consisting of white port and tonic, served with ice and lemon (or lime) this simple yet sophisticated drink is perfect for hot summer afternoons, or more specifically rooftop terraces looking out onto the beautiful cityscape of Lisbon.


Aperol Spritz

As someone who likes to live like the locals do whenever I travel and try all of the local food and drink produce, I obviously had to make the most of being in the home of port! (My port of choice being Andresen 10-year-old White Port alongside my favourite Fever Tree tonic.)


White Port and Tonic

The overall delicacy of the drink is what makes it superior to the Aperol Spritz as I’ve found that the spritz’s orange, fruity flavour can turn sickly after more than one whereas the white port is definitely something you could enjoy all afternoon given its lower percentage of alcohol. There’s simply just a much more sophisticated taste to it over the Aperol Spritz due to its incredibly light taste.


Female Original

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