I’ve recently just turned 20 and I thought I’d post about some of the things I’ve learned during my 20 years of life. Hopefully some of my points are relatable, let me know in the comments as well as linking me to your own posts about what you’ve learned in your own lives so far because I’d love to read them!

1 Make friends around the world when you travel

You’ll always have a reason to return to a great travel destination again, plus the locals will give you the real tour of their home town.

Travel Trip Map Direction Exploration Planning Concept

2 Be open to making friends with new types people

Its easy to stick with the type of people that you always seem to choose as your friends but by being open to new people you can find people that bring out different aspects of your own personality.

3 Don’t be ashamed of your music taste

Just because you listen to rock doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy boy bands or classical music, and you shouldn’t feel bad for it!

4 … or your personal style

I definitely don’t have a specific style of clothing that I normally wear, I can go from floral dresses to all black oversized clothes from day to day. Don’t feel like you cant change up your style suddenly – wear what makes you feel great!!


5 Judging people who like different things to you isn’t cool

Everyone has different interests and just because you don’t feel the same way someone else does about a certain hobby doesn’t mean you should judge them for liking it.

6 Don’t be afraid to be the first one dancing

If your song comes on and you really want to bust a move then do it! Does it matter what anyone else thinks? A lot of the time the people who aren’t dancing are thinking wow I wish I had the confidence to get up and dance just like that person does.

7 It’s okay to cry for no particular reason

Sometimes you just feel sad and you’re not really sure why, and its completely fine to just cry. I can guarantee you’ll feel better after doing it and it definitely doesn’t make you weak!

8 When something is funny don’t be afraid to let loose and laugh out loud

Your real laugh always looks so much better than your fake, “pretty laugh” – enjoy the moment!


9 If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t

If you’re feeling uncomfortable with a situation then don’t let that feeling go unnoticed, do something about it!

10 Don’t change yourself for anyone

At the end of the day if they cant accept you for who you are then you don’t need them in your life. Surround yourself with people that love and appreciate you for who you truly are.

11 Outgrowing your friends is completely normal

We are all constantly changing, especially in our teens when were finding out who we are as people. Its unrealistic to think that your friends that you have aged 12 will be your same ones at 20 but you shouldn’t feel bad about parting ways.

12 Always take pictures of things that inspire you

Anyone can take photographs! It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an artistic person or not you can still take great pictures of everything around you. They’re the best way to document memories and make for a great evening in with friends and family when you look through all of your old photos.


13 …and back them up!

The number of times my laptops have just completely died on me over my twenty years of life are ridiculous. I remember reading an article a few years ago about how our generation are the ones to lose the most amount of imagery because we live in the digital age and my god is it true.

14 Post what you want on social media, not what you think people want to see

They’re your accounts, if you want to post 8 different pictures of the food you just made that you’re super proud of then do it!


15 Don’t let technology stop you from living in the moment

It can be really easy to let yourself be so focused on documenting a great moment that you’re experiencing that you end up missing the actual experience. Take pictures of course but remember to live it!

16 Spontaneous events are always better than planned ones

As annoying as it is when you’ve planned out an event for weeks in detail, they never turn out to be the best ones – a spontaneous meet up will always turn out better.

17 It’s normal to not really know where you’re going with your life

Everyone always feels like they should know where they’re going with their lives at 20, but I think the reality is that your 20s are when you begin figuring out what you love to do, not coming to conclusions.

18 Try your best to not care about what other people think

I know how hard this is to achieve and it doesn’t just suddenly happen, its something that you have to spend time working on. But when you stop caring so much about what other people think you start to enjoy yourself more and try new things.

19 … the same for comparing yourself to others

This is incredibly hard to do since we live in the digital age where everyone is posting about their “perfect lives” on Instagram. I think the only way to get past this is to realise that their social media accounts aren’t real life. I highly doubt that Instagram stars only drink and eat Instagrammable food and only visit beautifully coloured brick walls, it’s just that they only choose to show that very small part of their lives because it’s what people want to see.


20 Always let your friends and family know how much you appreciate them

You wouldn’t be the great person that you are today if it wasn’t for them.


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8 thoughts on “20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

  1. Brilliant post! I agree with pretty much all of these. ESPECIALLY the very wise but obvious advice about backing things up. My old laptop crashed and I had to re-set it to factory settings and I lost all my photos, all my work, my writing my gosh it was dreadful!

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