Following on from Advice for Freshers #1 Cooking and the Kitchen, I’ve come up with a few clothing items that you may not necessarily realise you need for when you go to university.

1.Flip flops or Sliders

Probably seeming like a strange opening clothing item, flip flops/sliders are actually one of my university essentials – specifically for going in and out of the kitchen and bathrooms. The reality is that the kitchen floor in your university halls will probably get covered in food and water that no one will ever bother to clean up (you usually have a weekly cleaner) and the last thing you want is that on your feet or cute slipper socks.


Perfect for making you feel a lot more at home while you’re away, jumpers and hoodies are an absolute essential. They’re so cosy and ideal for getting comfortable watching Netflix in your university room as well as being the perfect throw-on for over your pyjamas for when you need to go into the kitchen quickly and don’t want to feel too exposed.

stil-336189 (1)

3.A good pair of trainers

As a university student, you pretty much walk everywhere and so a great pair of trainers or walking shoes are a must. A word of advice; don’t bring suede shoes, just don’t. Your beautiful suede babies will get totally destroyed by bad weather and mud (well they will in the UK anyway). All you lucky people living in hot countries wear your suede shoes with pride!

4. A good raincoat

This is probably more of a tip for those who live in more rainy cities/towns (shout-out to the British weather) however, I’m sure even those living in hot climates will experience the occasional rainy day. Either way, ideally you want a lightweight jacket that can be folded away easily into your backpack. Just because its raining doesn’t mean its cold and so by choosing a lightweight jacket over a thick one you can wear it in more humid climates and not overheat.


5. Shorts

I know this seems a bit weird – “I thought this was a UK-based list? When are we ever going to need shorts?” – well, my lovely freshman friends, these are actually for wearing inside halls . In case you didn’t know already, university halls are ABSOLUTELY SWELTERING. The heating is pretty much always on and you can’t normally do anything about it other than open all the windows on your floor. I probably  wore shorts about half of my time in uni, it was literally December and I was rocking shorts and a vest around the flat.

If you’re looking for more of a university outfit inspiration style post, I posted a “Back to College Lookbook” with some possible outfits you can wear in university if you want to check it out!

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