My 4th post in my Advice for Freshers series focuses on a slightly different topic to what I’ve already posted about in the series which is Amazon Prime.

During my first year as a student I found myself needing a fair few random items that I had no clue I would need before joining university. As a member of two sports societies I had a lot of themed events and socials in which it was compulsory to wear a specific costume e.g. farm animals, geeks v jocks etc. which meant finding the necessary items for each of the themes.

Usually I would’ve just gone into town and picked out some pieces for the outfits from the shops there however, there were times where the events were only organised a few days in advance and I didn’t have time to head out and attempt to find animal ears that fit someone other than a child’s head.

In these moments I was glad to have had my Amazon Prime account to get free next day delivery. The fact that you can find anything you could ever desire on Amazon just makes a prime account even more of an essential for students as you never know what ridiculous item you’re going to need next (I once ordered a banana costume for a social that was simply themed “Banana Social”).

An example of the fabulous items you can pick up on Amazon to nail a themed social…


Some of the student bank accounts in the UK include an Amazon Prime year-long trial in their package when you create an account with them for university however, some of them don’t. This is where the Free 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial comes in handy as you can

Click the image below to follow the link to check out information about getting your own Free 30-day Amazon Prime Trial

Not only is the Free Next-Day Delivery a great perk of Amazon Prime but there’s also Prime Video, Prime Music and more.

The Prime Video feature has definitely made my first year at university as I actually found that I spent more time alone than I originally thought I would while I was in university. If your friends all have different classes to you at different times then you’ll find that you’ll all be working on different schedules, meaning you’ll have spare time to just relax in your room. Watching films and TV shows is, for me, the perfect way to relax and so by having my Prime Video account I could catch up on new shows that maybe aren’t offered on other services e.g. Netflix as well as re-watch some of my old favourites (not going to lie I definitely watched Nickelodeon shows on there).


Thanks for reading! I’m hoping that you found this post useful if you’re heading to university in September. Let me know what else you want to see in my Advice for Freshers Series – I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section.


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