I’ve had my literature category ready for a while now but I hadn’t got around to actually making a post on it until now! When I first designed my blog I wanted to have a literature category included in it, mostly because I thought it would encourage me to read more, as well as connect with other book bloggers and readers, so I was determined to write something soon.

I’m not exactly a big reader myself but I do enjoy relaxing with a book when I have time to myself. Honestly, I can get bored pretty quickly when I start reading a book – it has to entice me from the first chapter otherwise I wont stick with it. However, when I do start a book that I love, I can’t put it down and normally finish it within a day (it’s actually ridiculous how anti-social I become).

Anyway, I thought I’d start off with a post about How to Start Reading if you Aren’t a Big Reader. I’ve put together a little list of a few ways you could start to get into reading if you want to but just can’t find a way to do it!

Set up a GoodReads account

GoodReads is basically a website and app all about books. I heard about it a few years ago from one of my friends when she told me about the Reading Challenge feature on it. Every year you can set yourself a goal of how many books you want to read within that year. From here you can search for books you’re interested in reading, check out reviews of books and also track your progress as you’re reading the book. My favourite feature in the Reading Challenge is being able to see how far through each book you are in a percentage – it kind of encourages you to keep reading when you can see exactly how far through the book you are!

Tip: Download the app instead of using the website if you can as its a lot easier to navigate in my opinion.

Take a book on holiday 

When you’re on holiday, you’re normally at your most relaxed stage in the year – and what better way to get even more chilled out that sitting back with a great book?

Sometimes when you’re at home living your everyday life it can seem impossible to fit in time for reading making it hard to ever start in the first place. So if you really want to start reading then taking a book abroad with you is perfect. It also gives you something to do on the plane – especially if you’re taking a long-haul flight.

Read a book about a skill/topic you’re interested in

After all if you’re a blogger who’s reading this then you must like to read about blogging and other peoples lives! If you’re interested in food blogs then buying yourself a new recipe book and checking that out is still reading (you can even count them towards your challenge on GoodReads- I checked it’s legit)

Proof a cookbook is a legitimate form of reading material – Jamie says so

Link to Jamie’s book —> http://amzn.to/2x2UMfd

Maybe if you love photography and want to improve at that skill you could try reading a photography book. After all, reading doesn’t have to mean a 400 page book of just writing – photos in books don’t diminish the value or quality of the book!

Get a short story book 

If you struggle to focus on a longer story or book, then a short story might possibly be the perfect alternative option for you. I bought a book a few years ago called  “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” which was simply filled with cute little one-sentence stories and images, but it was so uplifting and light to read.

Fun fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt actually helped to produce the book series! Click the link below to check out volume one in the series – there are a few extracts from the book on there if you want to find out more!


Give poetry a go

Again, similar to short stories, you can just flick through poetry books at your leisure. They’re the absolute perfect thing to read before bed as you can just read one or two poems and not end up staying awake too late waiting for the end of the chapter because there aren’t any! (-sounds great right?!)

I bought myself a poetry book about a year and a half ago which was the “Selected Poems” by Gabriel García-Lorca (will link below) in parallel text of English and Spanish. Having left school for about six months at this point I wanted to try and keep up my Spanish skills in an interesting way and thought what better way than to do it by giving poetry a go. I’d never been into poetry before at all but I love having a flick through it every now and then and attempting to translate the poems in there.



Reading essays for university counts!

I thought this was so strange when I first discovered it but you know how in university when you get set a reading task ready for your seminar and its some hideous 40 page essay that you actually HAVE to read? Well turns out a lot of these count towards (again) your GoodReads reading challenge. When I found this out I was so pleased because I was behind on my reading challenge last year by soooo much (not that that’s changed at all this year – I’m only 20% of my way through). 


I’m sure a lot of you will think that magazines aren’t “proper books”, but have you seen the thickness of some of the magazines out there?? I swear it takes me longer to read Vogue than some of my actual books, no joke. A magazine doesn’t necessarily have to mean a fashion magazine either! There are so many different genres of magazines that exist from interior design to educational that make a great alternative to a traditional book – you can really learn a lot from!

Thanks for reading! I’m hoping this list will make some of you realise that you are already reader’s, but maybe you didn’t realise you were because you didn’t consider the material you were reading as legitimate “books”. To those at you that were struggling to get involved in the world of reading – I hope my list has managed to inspire you to give it a go! Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments.


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  1. I get exactly what you mean about the first chapter! It has to be gripping for me to carry on reading or I just give up 😂 that seems like a good idea, I would really like to get back into reading before bedtime

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