Thanks to Becca (Yung Rebel) for the nomination! It’s so lovely to receive this kind of support after only having been blogging for a few months.

“The Unique Blogger Award is all about getting to know your fellow bloggers and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness!” Below are the rules for each nominee:

1. Thank your nominator.

2. Answer the questions that your nominator left for you.

3. Nominate 5-10 people (and let them know).

4. Set questions for your nominees to answer.

Here are my answers to the questions that Yung Rebel asked:

1.What was your motive to start a blog?

I’d wanted to start a blog for a year or so but I didn’t really know where to start! It wasn’t until I came to the end of my first year at university when I thought why not give it a go? I felt like after being a university for a year I had so much information to share with people about the experience and just general advice!

I also wanted to start using my spare time properly. Having just recently turned 20 I wanted to do something productive with my free-time that not only I found enjoyable but maybe that other people could too.

2.What’s your favourite film and why?

It’s impossible to choose! (bit of a cop-out answer but it’s true) My favourites vary from childhood films to crime/violence films and it completely depends on what mood I’m in which one is my favourite.

However, some of my favourites are; School of Rock (this film was my childhood), 10 Things I Hate About you, the Harry Potter series (does this really need an explanation), The Grand Budapest Hotel (love a good Wes Anderson film) and my most recent favourite film La La Land (the soundtrack is amazing  – so lovely to play on piano).

3.Would you ever start vlogging? If you do already, what made you vlog?

Hmm, maybe… I’ve only just recently started my blog so I definitely don’t have any plans to start vlogging in the near future. I absolutely love watching vlogs on YouTube though – I always watch clothing hauls!

4.Who is your role model/ultimate inspiration?

Honestly, I don’t have one particular role model in my life – I’d probably say my parents but I also feel as if I inspire myself the most. I don’t like to compare myself to other people if I can avoid doing it. I think the best person to compare yourself to is your past self – I can’t be anyone but myself but I can grow as a person.

5.Where do you see yourself in five years?

At 25 I’d like to think that I’d be in a job that I enjoy doing and putting my degree (that i will hopefully have) to use somehow. Although I’d like to be working for myself, I couldn’t see that happening in such a short period of time. I’d love to have done some travelling outside of Europe but mostly, I want to be surrounded by a great group of friends and my family.



Here are my nominees for the Unique Blogger Award. Click on the links to check them out! (sorry if you’ve already been nominated)


The Little Black Rose

Wildflower Mind

To Read with Tea


Student Styling


…and here are my questions for you!

  1. How long have you been blogging for?
  2. What is you favourite album of all time and why?
  3. What is your most prized possession?
  4. Who is you favourite fictional character and why?
  5. Where in the world are you most interested in visiting and why?


Thanks again for the nomination!

Female Original

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