It really isn’t long at all until the first term of university starts and so I wanted to get this post up before you all head off to start your first year of uni! Freshers Week is one of the first things you’re going to experience when you begin university and although it is called Freshers “week”, some universities actually have a Freshers “fortnight” (mine did). I wanted to share my tips for surviving freshers as well as giving you some background information about what actually happens during it all.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out my previous post in my Advice for Freshers series here.

Okay, so a quick bit of background information on Freshers Week… Basically it’s a week of events and nights out organised by your university. You will usually have to buy yourself a wristband for the event through your university website and wear it for the week to gain access to each of the events and club venues.

Something that shocked me about Freshers was the fact that no one actually went out every single night. I think because I was a year old than a lot of the freshers at my university, I was used to drinking more than they were (I had an extra year on them after all) so I went into uni expecting everyone to want to go to every single freshers event but in reality, most of your friends will start to feel the effects of drinking and partying after night two of freshers – which isn’t a bad thing!.. it was just unexpected.

Anyway, here’s my list of things to do to survive Freshers Week:

1. Find out taxi numbers before you head out

There might not be taxis waiting outside the club venues when you decide to go home which is when it’s important to have a back up taxi number ready in your phone. If you order a taxi then you know it’s a safe company and therefore a safe mode of transport home. As well as this,  no one can push in front of you in the taxi queue if you book because the company will have taken your name when you phone them up.

2. Come home with at least one other person

Since you’ll probably be living away from home you aren’t going to be too familiar with the city/town you’re living in for university. This is why it’s important to make sure that you have someone to come with after nights out. Ideally you want to come back with a flatmate so that you can walk back together from the taxi drop off point. However, it’s important that you also make sure that the person you’re planning to come home with is on the same wavelength as you regarding drinking, what time to come home and even on whether they’re trying to pull or not (I’ve had to get taxis home by myself when my travel buddy pulls in the club).

If you can get yourself a group of people to come home with then obviously that’s the best option but just a group of two is still fine.

3. Buy the wristband.

I know that they’re overpriced and might not seem worth spending your money on but they’re the best way to make yourself a group of friends quickly! Choosing not to get yourself a wristband will mean that you won’t be able to change your mind and join in on certain nights out during the week as a lot of the time the events are exclusively for those of you with wristbands.  The last thing you want to be doing is sitting alone in your accommodation while the rest of your flat go out and enjoy themselves together.

4. Take money out with you rather than your card

You definitely don’t want to end up over-spending during freshers on drinks on your nights out (we all know how easy it is to use contact-less) or lose your card altogether. By bringing money out with you, you can avoid over-spending but make sure to leave yourself some money for the taxi back to your accomodation!

5. Have drinks in your halls

Buying yourself drinks on a night out can quickly add up, and in Freshers Week you’re going to be going out more than you would in an average week. If you rely too much on getting drinks in the clubs then you’ll quickly find your money slipping away. When I started university I made sure to have drinks in my room ready for pre-drinks for nights out. Even if you don’t drink, a Diet Coke is still a fairly expensive drink to get on a night out when you’re a student on a budget.

6. Bring Lemsip and Berocca

Freshers flu is a real thing guys… and I got it on day 4. *Not so fun fact: It lasted about 5 weeks.* Sadly, you can’t really do anything to stop yourself from catching it but having Lemsip in stock for when you do get it will make the first few days of exhaustion a lot easier to bear.

Berocca, on the other hand, is just something to have in stock at all times. However, it is particularly useful for days when you’re just feeling a little bit rough (aka hangovers during freshers) and have to make it to a morning lecture.

7. Drink a pint of water before bed

This is for those of you that will be drinking during freshers (you don’t have to drink to enjoy freshers – one of my friends didn’t drink during it and had a great time). Drink a pint of water before bed and your body will thank you in the morning. This is how I managed to avoid hangovers completely during freshers which is proof that it genuinely does work. 

Thanks for reading and following my Advice for Freshers series! Let me know what you thought of my tips in the comments below.

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