I may have finished my Advice for Freshers series, however, my university themed posts are absolutely no where near their end! For this post I thought I’d focus on what I pack in my backpack for heading to and from university in case you need some inspiration about what you might need to bring yourself.

I checked out Amazon’s Back to School range for inspiration however every item listed below is what I genuinely pack in my backpack for university. I will leave a link for each product in case you want to check them out for yourself!


Starting with the backpack itself (if you can’t tell by the featured image) I use my Fjallraven Kanken backpack as my bag for university. I just love how colourful they are and also the great size and general practicality of them. They’re large enough to fit any of your standard A4 sized notebooks inside them and the huge variation of colours available makes it easy to express your own personality through your choice!

Although this post focuses on more of a back to college backpack essentials, I thought I’d also mention the fact that the Fjallraven Kanken can come in  children’s  sizes as well as adult’s , making them ideal for younger children heading off to school.

Fjallraven Kanken
Fjallraven Kanken


Speaking of A4 notebooks, the next item is Pukka Pads A4 (3 pack). Before heading back to university I always get myself a pack of these as, although I can take my laptop to university with me, I prefer handwriting my notes as I feel as though the information sinks in more effectively. As an art student, I’m incredibly fussy about the quality of paper that I’m using whether that be in a sketchbook or a lined notebook, but the Pukka Pads meet my criteria every time.

(Available on Amazon Prime)


I couldn’t find my exact planner from this year (probably because its out of date now) but I had a search through some of the options on Amazon and picked out the one that I think seems to be the best. After checking out the look inside feature I could see that it had a quick view of the days, a slightly bigger space for events and then a detailed lined space for writing more detailed notes about each day. I love this kind of layout because I can circle important dates and see them in a quick glance but also write notes on what work I need to get done.


For anyone studying a creative, art-based subject and needs a recommendation for what sketchbook to get, I thought I’d include my sketchbook of choice which is the Daler Rowney A4 Hardback Sketchbook


Daler Rowney Sketchbook


A pretty obvious one…but I’ve used Zebra Ball-Point Pens since I was in school and still do now in university! Honestly, it really doesn’t matter what pens you have but I just simply have a preference for these pens. I’ve always written in ball point black inked pens and probably always will – they don’t seem to ever smudge and are really comfortable to use. If you haven’t got yourself a new set of everyday writing pens for your studies then give these a go, I’ve linked the 10-pack here.


A definite essential for me in university is a USB for storing all of my university files. As an art student I need a pretty large amount of storage on my USB to store all of my video artwork and general photography properly. I use the SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive with 128GB of storage for this reason. I imagine if you don’t have to store artwork or videos on your USB that you won’t need one as big as the 128GB so I’ve included the 64GB here and the 32GB here which should be more than enough for general essays and files.


(Available on Amazon Prime)


I always listen to music when I’m walking to and from campus and I’m one of those people who still listens to music on their iPods (I swear no one has an iPod anymore) rather than through Spotify or Apple music on their phones. I hate wearing earphones whenever I listen to music because they always fall out of my ears (can anyone else relate?!). That’s why I invested in a great pair of headphones instead. Not only are they significantly more comfortable than earphones but the sound quality is far superior.

Obviously this isn’t really an essential for back to school/college but always carry them with me so I had to include them. Mine are the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphones in Plum for anyone who’s interested!

Sennheiser Urbanite XL Headphones

(Available on Amazon Prime)


Portable Charger

I’ve mentioned this before in my What to Pack for your Trip to Lisbon post, but I take it everywhere with me in my day to day life back in university – my go-to is my Anker Powercore 20100

I actually think I’ll be getting more use out of my portable charge this year as I’m no longer a first year and so I wont be living on campus. Having one in first year wasn’t a total necessity as I was never that far from my accommodation if I ever ran out of battery. However, I’m about a 25 minute walk from campus this year so if I run out of battery I know I haven’t got to trek home to charge it.

Anker Powercore 20100

(Available on Amazon Prime)


I always try to remember to pack a snack with me when I head to my lectures because they normally last a few hours and the last thing I want is my stomach to greet the entire class with a huge rumble just as the room falls silent (definitely hasn’t happened before…) But something that I think is really important whilst you’re in university is to not eat too much of the wrong foods. It’s so tempting to pack something sweet like chocolate or jelly sweets as a snack because they’re so convenient but I try to bring a more healthy version of this which is a Nakd Bar.

They’re made up of simply wholefoods like fruits and nuts and so all the sugars are naturally occurring. My favourite by far is the Cocoa Orange one – it’s the closest alternative to chocolate. They’re cold pressed, 100% vegan, gluten free and 1 of your 5 a day which pretty much makes them the ideal snack.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of my backpack essentials and comment below what you pack in your backpack for school/college.

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8 thoughts on “What’s in my Backpack: University Edition

  1. This is literally identical to my uni bag (minus the sketch book as I’m not an art student)! The snack is KEY in my bag as I hate being so hungry in lectures! Lovely post.
    Liz x

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