Happy Monday everyone! I’m guessing most of you will be back in work or school/university by now and are probably already feeling sick of it all – so I’m hoping my Mini Mix Monday playlist will make your Monday slightly more bearable!

This is my fourth playlist so far so I thought I’d change it up a bit and add a bit more of my own personal music taste – as well as my usual pop music tracks! I did a poll on Twitter to see if you wanted me to keep my playlists at weekly playlists of 15 songs  or change them to 60-song, monthly playlists to which you voted to keep them as they are.

As much as I love the small, weekly playlists I realised that at the end of my first year of making them I’m going to have 52 playlists on my Spotify account (nightmare, I know) so I thought I’d meet you in the middle and instead start posting my playlists every two weeks. That way I’ll only have 26 playlists and I’ll have more time to put together each playlist – meaning higher quality and more thought through music for you guys (sounds great right?).

Anyway, I’ve kept this weeks playlist as a 15-song one and I’ll start my new 30-song, biweekly playlists next week!


Thanks for reading (and hopefully listening!) and don’t forget to follow me on Spotify here.

Female Original

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