I’m back home from university and am already starting to feel so festive! There’s nothing quite like being at home surrounded by family and friends (and of course the heating) at this time of year, so I thought to continue on with my baby version of Blogmas I’d share my favourite Christmas films with you.

After putting together my list of films, I thought it might be cool to feature a printable version of them for anyone who’d like to tick them off when they watch them! It’d be a sort of “Countdown to Christmas” which just seemed so lovely to me. Anyway here’s my list of 9 Christmas films to get you in the festive spirit!


Click the link to download My CHRISTMAS FILM LIST

To be completely honest with you, although these are all Christmas films, I watch Love Actually constantly throughout the year. I just absolutely love this film and all the amazing actors in it – you just can’t beat a good British film. Plus the soundtrack is so beautiful! If you haven’t seen it before then 1. YOU ARE MISSING OUT and 2. WATCH IT NOW!!

Thanks for reading! Comment below what your favourite Christmas films are because I still have so many that I haven’t seen and would love to finally watch this year!

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14 thoughts on “My Christmas Film List

  1. Great post! I did a similar one too and we have a few overlaps. I definitely need to check out The Holiday as I haven’t seen it before. Elf and Nativity are my absolute faves!

    -Em xo

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