It’s so lovely to be back to my regular blog posting after a pretty stressful first half of January made me slip behind schedule a bit. But I, like most of my fellow bloggers, am determined to make 2018 an even more successful year of blogging than 2017! So, I’m back with another post in what might be my favourite blog series so far; What University Students are Wearing. If you haven’t seen my previous post in this series then feel free to check that out here for some more student style inspiration!

  1. Name: Hannah
  2. Age: 20
  3. University: De Montfort University, Leicester
  4. Subject: Dance
  5. Where you’re originally from: Leeds/York


Tell us about your look e.g. where each item is from, favourite item.

So, I’m very simple when it comes to my fashion sense, I don’t really like to step out of my comfort zone or try wacky ideas often. I stick to t-shirts and jeans with a shoe of choice depending on my mood. The top is just a simple Primark £3/4 stretchy black and white striped t-shirt, I have had for a few years and surprisingly is still very well in tact. The jeans are high-waisted super skinny from H&M and are a faded/wash-out shade of blue, I practically live in jeans when I’m not in my dance wear so I don’t tend to spend more than £30 on a pair of jeans. These ones I think were only about £15. My belt is also a Primark special, just a simple brown belt with gold clasp, think it probably cost about £5 at maximum. My shoes are just part of my growing collection and obsession with Converse, they’re the black original high tops, which I surprisingly only spent £25 on as they were on sale! Pair those with some frilly socks from pretty much anywhere and that’s my outfit.

Do you plan out your outfits before you wear them or are you more of a throw on in the morning type of person?

It usually depends on how much time I have on a night or how tired I am but I do prefer to feel really organised in the morning instead of just rummaging around desperately trying to find something to wear. I’m also not a morning person at all so it helps me that when I wake up for my 9ams that I have my outfit laid out for me ready.

Do you think your style shifts between university and life at home or do you wear pretty much the same looks in both places?

I think I wear pretty much the same stuff when at uni as I do at home, maybe just if it was a day out shopping or a meal out, I’d like to think I make more of an effort.

What item of clothing do you think every university student must own?

A really nice pair of comfy joggers (and a Hoodie!). I live in these and PJ bottoms when just chilling in my flat. They also come in extremely useful for me when I have my practical dance classes and lectures or seminars afterwards, as I just slip them and a hoodie on over my leotard and tights.


What is your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe?

Probably my denim jacket as I can just chuck that on over any outfit and it just fits perfectly, it’s definitely my go-to coat/jacket.

What do you find yourself wearing the most when you’re at university?

Well, seeing as though I study dance I spend a lot of my time dressed in leotards and tights, sports bras, joggers and leggings etc so when I’m not wearing those I tend to chuck a comfy pair of jeans on, t-shirt and a hoodie. I’m really not fussed with being high on trend, I’d much rather be comfy and simple.

What is the oldest item of clothing in your wardrobe?

This is a tricky one as I do have a lot of things that I’ll keep for ages so it would most likely be one of my tops that I probably bought when I was 14/15 and just surprisingly still fits me and I still like wearing. Either that or one of (yes, I have more than one) Christmas jumpers, haha.

Do you vintage shop?

I used to a lot when I was into my flannel shirts and denim jackets, which has faded out a bit now but I do still enjoy a good browse in them if I do pass any on the highstreet.


Do you have a style inspiration?

I wouldn’t say I do, no. I browse a lot on Pinterest so you could say I get a lot of inspiration from there when I do find the courage to brave a new style.

What is your absolute favourite high street shop?

Now, this does change regularly depending on the new releases. Primark will always be in my heart for my basics and odd bits and bobs, however recently I’ve grown fonder of H&M or New Look.

Do you pay attention to what is “in fashion” according to magazines/big brands?

I don’t tend to read many magazines featuring much fashion anymore, but I do tend to keep up to date with the new releases from brands, so when I receive their spam emails telling me to check out their new lines coming soon, I do always have a sneak peak, just out of curiousity.

Thank you so much to Hannah for getting involved in my series and for these absolutely lovely pictures! If you loved reading through Hannah’s piece for my series then definitely go and check out her blog and social media (links below).

If you’re interested in being featured in the series then feel free to contact me here for more information.

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