Just a quick little cocktail post to start the week off! I’ve been meaning to share this warming drink with you since the beginning of the month but am only just getting round to posting it now (I know, I’m terrible). This is such a lovely cocktail for cold wintry nights which we are definitely still suffering from right now! I drank this all over the Christmas holidays while I was home from university and I’m sure I will again when I head back home in February as well. For me this drink is the winter version of the Aperol Spritz which I’m sure you will have heard of last summer when it became a bit of a staple drink for most of us! Anyway here’s the super simple recipe for the 1919.


1 shot gin (I use Bombay Sapphire)

1 shot Campari

1 shot Vermouth

Slice of orange

Diet Lemonade (I use 7UP)




Simply add a shot of each spirit into a glass with a few ice cubes.

Slice yourself a piece of orange and throw that in.

Fill the glass up with the lemonade.

Grab a straw and give it a little stir. Serve.


Let me know if you try the cocktail out and what your thoughts are on it in the comments!

Female Original

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