As I’m currently in my second year of university, I’ve now reached a point where I know how to move into a new room and make it feel a little bit more homely and like my own space. When you first move into university halls it can be a bit strange and daunting, since you’re living away from home where you’ve spent your last 18+ years, but with a few little items and accessories you can turn the room into a lovely, personal space in no time. So, I thought I’d put together a little post about the ways that I’ve managed to make my last two university bedrooms feel like me and how you can do the same!



Fairy Lights are such a great way to start decorating your room because not only are they completely adorable but they’re also super practical for adding extra light to your room. There’s normally not that many light sources in your university bedrooms and so any extra lights that you can add into your room really makes a difference. Although, if you do get yourself some fairy lights, make sure to get battery operated ones because university halls and student housing normally don’t allow you to have lights that aren’t battery operated as they might be a fire hazard.



I always keep some of my favourite snacks in my room while I’m away at university because sometimes you just need a bit of comfort food – especially when you’re stressing over university work! I’ve actually written a post about the Ultimate Snacks to Have in your Room at University already (check it out here) if you’re in need of some snack inspiration for university or just in general.



Photographs are the perfect way to bring a little bit of home along with you to university and I’ve recently just got myself some amazing prints of my favourite photos from Printiki. I simply selected the photos that I wanted printing from my computer, added them to my order, chose what design I wanted to photos to come in from their huge range of different designs (I chose Square M) and then waited for them to be delivered.

If you’re thinking of getting yourself some photos printed then I’d definitely recommend using Printiki. Plus, lucky for you all, I’ve got a voucher code for free delivery on your order! Just add N3HGRD86 into the discount code box when you go to order for free delivery on your photos. Don’t forget to check out their Instagram for any photo layout inspiration for your rooms!


Thanks for reading! Comment below what you’ve done to make your university rooms feel a bit more like yourself and let me know if you agree with the ways that I’ve made my room feel homely.

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