I’ve gone self-hosted!!


If you’ve found yourself here for the first time then I’d just like to welcome to my little blog! I just thought that I should do a quick post to let you know that I no longer produce content at this URL and have instead moved over to being self hosted at www.femaleoriginal.com !!

I’m hoping that regular readers of my blog (whoever you may be!) have noticed that I’ve moved all of my content over to my new URL and am using that now; but if not don’t worry because now you know that’s where I’ve gone haha!

For anyone who’s visiting me for the first time and enjoyed having a look through my blog; I’d love for you to join me at my new URL (click here to go there!) for regular posts and updates.

Anyway thanks for reading my update and for being so supportive with myself and my blog for the last 7 months! I hope to see you all over on www.femaleoriginal.com soon!

Female Original

7 thoughts on “I’ve gone self-hosted!!

  1. This is great! Just followed you on your new site. I’ve been thinking of going self-hosted for a while, would you mind letting me know how you found it- pros, cons, benefits etc?

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