What I’m NOT Changing in 2018

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all had an amazing 2017 and if not here's to the start of a hopefully great 2018. The New Year is usually a time where everyone thinks about all the things they want to change about their lives and make themselves a list of resolutions. The overindulgence of … Continue reading What I’m NOT Changing in 2018


My Christmas Wish List

There's only a few days left until Christmas and I honestly can't believe it - I feel like I'm not in the festive mood at all! I always get in the festive spirit at the beginning of December but then my excitement fades throughout the month (probably because of how incredibly busy everywhere is and … Continue reading My Christmas Wish List

How to Nail Party Season Dressing

It’s party season! The meal is booked, the playlist is ready to rock but the outfit… not quite sorted. Don’t worry guys I’ve got you covered with my guide to dressing for party season. I absolutely love dressing up for any kind of special occasion (probably because I spend most of my year at university … Continue reading How to Nail Party Season Dressing

Christmas Gift Guide 2017

This is definitely the post that I was most excited to write and share with you all this month, because who doesn't love a good Christmas gift guide? I wanted to make sure that my gift guide was full of great products that not only I absolutely love (and am convinced you all will to) … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide 2017

What University Students are Wearing #1

Hey guys! As you will have probably already known (through my constant posts on Twitter) I’ve been working on a new series that I’m hoping you’re going to love as much as I do. I wanted to start including my fellow bloggers, particularly students like myself in my own blog posts; as well as posting … Continue reading What University Students are Wearing #1

Your Guide to Vintage Shopping

Okay, so I haven’t posted in almost two weeks and I feel so bad about it even though I shouldn’t! Moving back to university just took it out of me and I haven’t managed to get myself organised until now (I’m still totally disorganised even now to be honest). Anyway, I wanted to start working … Continue reading Your Guide to Vintage Shopping

Looking for Student Fashion Lovers/Bloggers

Hi guys! I've been thinking a lot about where I want to go next with my blog and I really want to start including more Fashion-based posts! Basically I'm looking for fellow students from not only the UK but the rest of the world to get involved with a new series in the Fashion section … Continue reading Looking for Student Fashion Lovers/Bloggers

Shop my Instagram

I thought that a separate shopping post based on what is featured in my Instagram posts might be worthwhile for you all. I've set up the page so that it shows the Instagram post that the products are taken from as well as image links to the products. *Disclaimer: Some products will include affiliate links … Continue reading Shop my Instagram

Shop Female Original

Below are links to all of the products that I've featured on Female Original, as well as my favourite pieces of clothing that I own, in case you want to shop my style! To check out prices or buy the pieces, click on the images and they will take you to the item. *Disclaimer: Some … Continue reading Shop Female Original

Your Guide to the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Autumn/Fall 2017

As the end of summer is approaching that can only mean that autumn is coming! As much as I love time off in the summer to travel and escape the dreadful climate that is British Summertime I really feel like my style drops around summer. I think it’s because in the UK the weather is … Continue reading Your Guide to the Perfect Pair of Jeans for Autumn/Fall 2017