The Unique Blogger Award

Thanks to Becca (Yung Rebel) for the nomination! It's so lovely to receive this kind of support after only having been blogging for a few months. "The Unique Blogger Award is all about getting to know your fellow bloggers and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness!" Below are the rules for each nominee: 1. Thank your nominator. 2. … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

How to Start Reading if you Aren’t a Big Reader

I've had my literature category ready for a while now but I hadn't got around to actually making a post on it until now! When I first designed my blog I wanted to have a literature category included in it, mostly because I thought it would encourage me to read more, as well as connect … Continue reading How to Start Reading if you Aren’t a Big Reader

Advice for Freshers #4 Amazon Prime

My 4th post in my Advice for Freshers series focuses on a slightly different topic to what I've already posted about in the series which is Amazon Prime. During my first year as a student I found myself needing a fair few random items that I had no clue I would need before joining university. … Continue reading Advice for Freshers #4 Amazon Prime